Support our new Fundraiser called The 750 Lucky 50/50 Support Club, which will help 
Annunciation BVM, St. Nicholas, and St. Anthony’s School. Only 750 tickets will be sold for $50 each. 
You choose which place you would like to support with a chance to win a 
Grand prize of $10,000.00 if all 750 tickets are sold. Also, each Church and the School 
will also have their own 1st Prize of $1000.00 and a 2nd Prize of $500.00 
for all the tickets sold to support them. THAT IS ONLY 250 TICKETS EACH. 
These are better odds than for the Lottery: 750 to 1 for $10,000.00 and 250 to 1 for $1000.00 and $500.00. 
If you would like to reserve a ticket, fill out the form in the back of the Church. 
First come, first served. Thank you for your support!!!! Drawing to be announced!!! 


913 Pierce St., Philadelphia, PA 19148 215-468-0353 
For Pre-K, Kindergarten, and new Registrants Items needed when you Register Birth Certificate, 
Baptismal Papers (If Catholic), Up-to-Date Shot Records, Registration Fee ($175.00) 
If coming from another School: Must show most recent Report Card 
For more info, call 215-468-0353 VISIT OUR WEBSITE. or call the above school phone number Find us on Facebook & Instagram 

Year of Saint Joseph

December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021 

On the 150th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Saint Joseph
as Patron of the Universal Church

Catholics around the world rejoice over the Holy Father’s proclamation of the Holy Year of St. Joseph, which began on December 8, 2020 and ends December 8, 2021.  The entire Archdiocese of Philadelphia is encouraged to spend this year growing closer to St. Joseph by honoring him, imitating his virtues and asking for his intercession.  May this be a year of great grace for all of us as we more deeply entrust ourselves to the care of our spiritual father.

We would like to kindly ask our parishioners if you could mail your church
contribution envelopes to the rectory or drop them in the front
door mail slot, as we depend on your contributions to help with
the church expenses. We thank you for your generosity and
may God Bless you. Stay safe. Fr. Nick
    SATURDAY   English 5PM
       SUNDAY        Spanish 9AM
                                   English 11AM
                                   Spanish 4PM
Thank you for your kindness and look for more information as it
becomes available. We are happy to be able to worship together,
but always remember that safety for yourself and others is essential. God Bless you. Fr. Nick

Watch Weekly Sunday Mass!

Please use the St. Nicholas of Tolentine website which is on the front of the bulletin,

to see videos made for Weekly masses which were taped in the ABVM church or at St. Nicholas of Tolentine.


The Liturgy is the work of the people-the music, the Proclaiming of the Word, serving at the altar, ushers to assist, and the distribution of Holy Communion. We need to help fulfill these ministries here at Annunciation! I ask that you pray about how you might be able to give of yourself to enhance the Liturgy here at Annunciation. If you think that you can serve in any of these church ministries, please call Fr. Nick at the rectory office. Thank you!

Parish Community of Annunciation B.V.M.

(Partnered with St. Nicholas of Tolentine Parish
Staffed by the Augustinians

Mission Statement

We, the people of the Annunciation BVM Parish, recognize our call to grow as “A Catholic Life Community”.  We are in communion with our Holy Father, Shepherd of the Universal Church, and our Archbishop, Shepherd of the Church in Philadelphia.  Accepting the privilege and the challenge of this call, we commit ourselves to be:

A community that worships God in Spirit and truth through the celebration of the Eucharist and the other Sacraments;

A community that proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ by inviting all people to join our parish;

A community that teaches the message of Christ through our elementary school, our CCD classes, our adult education sessions, and our Liturgy;

A community that serves and heals all our parishioners, especially the poor and needy by generous acts of charity, and by using our time, talent and treasure, work together for goodwill,  justice and peace for all.

We realize that this statement is merely the end of the beginning.  We pray for God’s guidance, and through the intercession of Mary, gain the strength to continue to respond to the needs of our “Catholic Life Community”.