Become a seller and/or purchase a ticket for $10 for a 10 week ticket. The sweepstakes begins July 23rd. You don’t need to know anything about baseball to participate. —Each care contains 3 random baseball teams in each of the last 10 full weeks of the Pro-Baseball season. —Add up the runs scored by your 3 teams each week. —If your total runs scored is in the top 10 you win the money. —The 4 lowest scoring game cards also win. —You have new chances to win each week. —Two grand prizes awarded at the end of the season. —Receive $10 worth of music downloads from Charity Studios with your ticket.


Highest Runs Scored-$250

Second Highest-$100

Third Highest-$50

Next 17 Highest Scored-$10

Lowest Total Score-$25

Next 2 lowest-$10 ************************************************************************