We are seeking donors of $300.00 for scholarships. The scholarship will carry the name of the donor or anyone whom the donor designates, such as a deceased family member. If you choose to help our children by donating a scholarship, you can either designate the student recipient of the scholarship or allow us to make that determination as to who will receive the $300.00 scholarship. Amount less than $300.00 will be appreciated also, and will be combined with others to make a full scholarship. When the scholarship is given, the following will occur: 1. The recipient’s family will be asked to pray for the donor’s intercession 2. The entire school will pray everyday for the donor’s intentions. 3. At every school Mass (usually First Fridays) the intentions will be for the donors. 4. A beautiful certificate will be given to the donor. 5. The names of the donors or the memorial names will appear in the school for the year. The Scholarship Fund will be acknowledged in the Church Bulletin. This Scholarship Fund is a wonderful way to remember your loved ones, pray for your intentions, help a family provide a Catholic Education for their child and help to ensure the future of St. Anthony of Padua School. May God bless you for your interest and concern for our Parish Community. Sincerely yours in Christ, Fr. Nick